This internet project idea
is to attract attention of amateurs
and professionals of photography, publishers and experts dealing
with gallery business to works
of Sergey Potapov, the member
of the Photo-Artists' Society
of Russia and the AFIAP Artist,
prize-winner and victorof many international contests.

In 1969 took a great interest in taking up photography and became an active participant of the club activity.

The same time participated in the all-union and international photo-exhibitions under the aegis of Federation of International Art and Photography (FIAP the NItherlands).

From 1979 started his own photography projects and themes.The first series Photographic Theater, "Fahterland".

From 1990 is a member of the Photo-Artists' Society of Russia.

In 1993 was awarded with the Nikon prize in the monochrome photography section.

1995 for services at international exhibitions won the title FIAP Artist (AFIAP).

From 2000 cooperating with the Penta Publishing House in making corporative and landscape photographic albums.

In 2006 november, Russian museum- photography exhibition "Nizhegorodsky Fatherland".

In 2006 december, Moscov - photography projects "Life in business"

In 2008 the author starts book-encyclopedia creation on stories of the Kolyma edge. The author investigates materials on stories of trust "" and the Kolyma camps. The book is published in the end of 2010 Together with this book the author participates in preparation of several more editions on administrative territories of Kolyma.

In 2010 the author creatively comprehends a condition new digital photographic . starts to be engaged in restoration of initial photographic processes. "... Daily occurrence of several millions identical digital images ( a photo-photoplastic) according to the author eliminates the poetichesko-art party ."... Introduction in digital chambers of video technologies pronounces a negative sentence to the photojournalism future ".

At the beginning of a 2010 g . an author masters the technology of creation of pictures forgotten a long ago on wet plates. Ambrotipiya from Greek ambrotos immortal  photographic process, invented in the middle of 1850th American by Frederic Skottom Archerom. Variant of process, a glass negative which looks as a positive turns out as a result, when laid on on a black background. Ambrotipy on glass, as well as other pictures can be seen in the Moscow gallery of "Fotoloft" in an exhibition complex "Winery".

In 2011 the author as a part of creative group creates photo-exhibition "the Portal Russia. People" which has taken place in one of Moscow . All cj, cndtyyst works in this project the author in technology "Ambrotipii" and "the Ik-infra-red photo".

In 2012, the author restores wooden, two centuries ago, a camera with a frame size 400h500 mm, and creates the first large-format portraits on glass.

In 2013, in the gallery of Russian Photographers Union Potapov Lane opened the exhibition "The vagaries of the Silver Age," in which the author makes a photo opportunity of the Silver Age in the genres: the subject and portrait photography.

In 2014-2015, the author of practicing landscape ambrotypes using specially made for fotopalatki streets.

In the period 2010-2016 the author is actively engaged in infrared photography using a digital camera with the original infrared matrix.

2019, the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography.
A triptych of exhibitions dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the opening of photography has been created.

The first exhibition Gorodets fonts, based on a rare infrared photography technology in our country, was held in January 2019.
The second exhibition, Vagaries of the Silver Age, was created in the technology of the discoverers of photography - Ambrotypia (image on glass), was held in conjunction with a master class in June 2019.

And, finally, the third exhibition, Nature, Fractal, Chaos, a symbiosis of digital and other computer products, was born under the influence of the latest trends in the field of modern fine art. The exhibition was held in November 2019.


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