This internet project idea
is to attract attention of amateurs
and professionals of photography, publishers and experts dealing
with gallery business to works
of Sergey Potapov, the member
of the Photo-Artists' Society
of Russia and the AFIAP Artist,
prize-winner and victorof many international contests.
In what way to tell of the places where you lived and dreamed? Landscapes, people, events, meetings, travels, disappointments and hopes, past and future whatever experience it is yours anyway, it is sheet of paper full of notes that are not possible to erase or correct and this is the Fatherland. Nizhegorodsky region has got a history very rich in events there is the unique Pyana River and Boldino village nearby where Puskin created his brilliant poems, the Grigorovo village where archpriest Avvakum and the greatest raskolnik was born. Old Believers used living on the Kerzhenets and Vetluga Rivers; there is the legendary Svetloyar Lake where even today some pilgrims listen to ring of the church bells disappeared sinking in the water with the whole town in the time of Khan Baty invasion; it wasthe destination of Ivan Grozny's last military Kazan campaign in the mid-16 th century

the old-believer, small and secluded monastery, Gorodets town, Vetluga river, Uhta river, Kerzhenets

the legendary Svetloyar Lake, the destination of Ivan Grozny's
last military Kazan, the Grigorovo village where archpriest Avvakum

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