This internet project idea
is to attract attention of amateurs
and professionals of photography, publishers and experts dealing
with gallery business to works
of Sergey Potapov, the member
of the Photo-Artists' Society
of Russia and the AFIAP Artist,
prize-winner and victorof many international contests.
The “Photography Theatre” – first of all this is the idea of shapes and plastic in photography. rupressing time and dealing with space easily the author makes short photography series and sequences on themes of his own symbolic scripts. Actors performing outside a stage expand the stage borders and their feelings endlessly. Slava Polunin's “Litsedei” (mime actors) Theatre created unbelievable great performances in the open air of St.-Petersburg and its suburbs with nature decorations where actors, spectators, fire-brigades and military units as well as rural dwellers participated successfully. Actors of the “Skitsa” mime studio were “dissolved” in destroyed cloisters, original nature landscapes. Actors are able to fly up to clouds like birds in the “photography theater” only.
"Current of Earth"

Earth and Woman"

“World Air Tour”
"Forbidden Fruit"
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